Context Scripting
Delphi component library desinged to compile and execute feature-rich object oriented Pascal-style scripts.
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What is it?

Context Scripting is shipped with Object Pascal-like script compiler. It supprts Variant-type variables and uses variant array for execution stack. Context Scripting is extremely simple, flexible, but resembles a real compiler.

Developers can define "introspectors" to extend object model and create own object classes, functions and consts. Published properties of Delphi components are always accessible, however, virtual custom properties can also be added to any Object Pascal class.


What's inside?

  • TCtxScript - stack calculator, that executes precompiled scripts
  • TCtxPasCompiler - compiler, that compiles Pascal-like scripts into byte code
  • TCtxUnit - container component, that can hold scripting functions
  • TCtxTextReporter - report generator component based on simple text template
  • TCtxPkgSysUtils - imported declarations from SysUtils unit
  • TCtxPkgClasses - imported declarations from Classes unit
  • TCtxPkgDB - imported declarations from DB unit
  • TCtxPkgGraphics - imported declarations from Graphics unit
  • Features

  • Fast script compilation into PCode & execution
  • Virtual compiler allows to add more languages
  • Allows script debugging: stopping, resuming, evaluating watch expressions, inspection of call stack and more
  • Fast and one time only name resolution done with virtualized and extensible introspectors, that allow to extend and create your own object model
  • Very small footprint
  • Easily extensible array of external functions
  • Easy to create custom object model and publish methods of existing classes
  • Supports dinamic variant arrays
  • Allows to invoke Ole automation objects via IDispatch interface (for instance, this could be used to automate MS Word, MS Excel, etc.)
  • Supports parameters passed by value and by address (var, out)
  • Allow to compile and evaluate procedures, functions and simple expressions
  • Support exception handling with try except finally raise directives and exception variable, containing ExceptObject
  • Default TCtxScriptCompiler understands most of the standard Pascal statements, like, repeat...until,, for...downto, if...then[...else], goto, @, etc.
  • Pricing

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    Context Scripting Suite v.1
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    Context Scripting Suite v.1 (5 license pack)$59 
    Context Scripting Suite v.1 (10 license pack)$99 


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    Context Scripting Suite v.1
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