Context Scripting
Version History
January 10, 2015 version # 1.5
#294. Added support for 'const' parameters.
#916. Added support for Delphi XE7
January 14, 2014 version # 1.4
#897. Added support for Delphi XE, XE2, XE3, XE4 and XE5.
March 9, 2005 version # 1.20
#289. Full support for ole automation calls from scripts. Allows to invoke MS Word and automate its operation.
#290. Array properties and default array properties, including TStrings and TCollections.
#291. Extended set of introspectors, including TDataSet introspector and TCtxUnitIntrospectors for easy TDataSet automation
#292. TCtxUnit component created to simplify development of array of user defained scripts (see MemoAuto demo)
#293. DemoIDE now fully supports watches, breakpoints, call stack, and other debugging features.
#295. Extended set of explanatory demos and documentation.
February 14, 2005 version # 1.01
#275. Fast script compilation & execution.
#276. Virtual compiler allows to add more languages.
#277. Allows script debugging: stopping, resuming, evaluating watch expressions, inspection of call stack and more.
#278. Fast and one time only name resolution done with virtualized and extensible introspectors, that allow to extend and create your own object model.
#279. Large & easily extensible array of external functions.
#280. Easy to create custom object model and publish methods of existing classes.
#281. Support for dinamic variant arrays.
#282. Support for parameters passed by value and by address (var, out).
#283. Allow to compile and evaluate procedures, functions and simple expressions.