Context Remote Assistant
Version History
June 12, 2015 version # 3.04
Issues Addressed
#927. Fixed bug with File Transfer when Remote Host / Admin is built by Delphi XE 7 and later.
May 6, 2015 version # 3.03
Issues Addressed
#917. History was not saving/restoring properly
#918. Added ability to compile source code with any version of Delphi from Delphi 6 through Delphi XE 7.
#919. Improved screen scanning using windows hooks, including support for 64bit windows.
#920. Improved speed of screen grabbing for windows 7 and 8.
June 6, 2011 version # 2.09
#831. Added command to redirect Remote User session to another Remote Administrator. This feature require 2.09 version of Remote Host installed on the Remote User side as well as Remote Administrator side.
#832. Added Redirects page to the Options dialog where the user can specify addresses of admins to redirect to.
November 18, 2009 version # 2.07
Issues Addressed
#699. Fixed bug with scrolling remote desktop.
#698. Added cusomizable Admin Online Statuses. This feature allows to specify current admin status and message and whether to accept incoming connections. The message, if specified, will be displayed to the end user upon connect.
#700. Improved desktop scanning procedure to consume less CPU.
September 22, 2009 version # 2.06
#664. Added optional remote user authentication using login and password pairs, stored in users.cfg file. Each login and password allows for masks, so the system could authorize any user with certain password (*=1111) or certain user with certain set of passwords (John=x34d*). The user name is NOT case sensitive as well as the password mask, while the password, if specified without masking characters (*?[]) will be case sensitive.
#665. Added hidden Password edit box to Remote Host. This edit box can be made visible via configuration file (see Password folder under demos).
#666. Remote Host window hides itself from the Windows task bar when minimized and shows back when restored.
March 30, 2009 version # 2.05
Issues Addressed
#575. Fixed problem with compression not begin always utilized during file transfer.
#576. Fixed minor problems in Options dialog.
#577. Added extensive progress monitoring to the file transfer dialog (current/total size, transfer speed, total/estimated time).
#578. Added History File path to Options dialog (General Page).
January 30, 2009 version # 2.04
Issues Addressed
#573. Fixed several minor problems.
#574. Added option to select several IP addresses that Remote Admin will listen for incoming connections.
May 17, 2007 version # 2.03
Issues Addressed
#553. Fixed bug with threading. The remote desktop thread was being resumed twice, which caused errors under Win98.
#554. Fixed bug with Alpha blending, which is not supported under Win98.
#555. Fixed bug with colors not being mapped correctly under Win98 when the desktop is set to true color and the target color depth is 256 colors.
#544. Tested for Vista compatiblity. All windows now dehave and minimize correctly under Vista.
#545. Captions are corrected to be consistent across all Remote Admin windows.
#546. Added semi-transparent status window on the Remote Host side to nitofy user about all operations perfrmed by admin.
#547. Screen scanning is improved to conusme as little CPU resources as possible. CPU usage is reduced to 3-5% on average low end computer.
#548. Added options dialog for RemoteAdmin, allowing to specify default settings for Remote Desktop, Chat, TCP\IP filtering and more.
#549. Remote desktop options reworked to be more self-explanatory.
#550. Remote Admin shows all connections in the tray-icon popup menu, allowing for simple access to their desktop, file explorer and chat.
#551. All opened Windows of Remote Admin made top level windows, so they are shown correctly on taskbar when minimized.
#552. Added Screen sizing and scaling on Remote Admin. Optional anti-aliasing makes scaled screen look readable.
#556. Added sound to Remote Admin to alert administrator when a connection is requested.
#557. Added IP filtering (white and black list) to Remote Admin.
#558. Added ability to resume/recommence aborted file transfer.
#559. Improved behaviour in full screen mode. Toolbar is now automatically hiding and showing when the mouse pointer reaches top of the screen. The remote desktop is scaled automatically if necessary in full screen mode in order to fit all screen contents.
#560. Added automatic connection pinging to keep connection during long periods of inactivity.
#561. Added option to determine Remote Admin's WAN IP address, using external services, such as This can be configured in Remote Admin options.
February 21, 2007 version # 2.0 RC2
Issues Addressed
#523. Fixed bug in Remote Admin. File Explorer showed incorrect name or remote computer.
#528. Fixed problems with Tab and some other keys not working properly.
#524. Chat's content is retained during whole session even if chat window is closed.
#525. Added complete localization of RemoteHost. All messages and captions can be specified in RemoteHost.cfg file.
#526. Added Mesage Beep alert when opening Chat session.
#527. Added support for dual monitor mode. In RemoteAdmin user can select which monitor to control on client side.
#529. Added forward compatibility features to RemoteHost.
December 21, 2006 version # 2.00 RC1
Issues Addressed
#265. Remote Admin hangs up if several sessions are open.
#491. New extensible protocol with 64 bit encryption and fast compression.
#492. Fast and efficient screen compression (up to 20-30% decrease in traffic, compared to v.1).
#493. Mouse cursor and movement synchronization. Mouse shape and position is transferred to desktop view, so the administrator may notice mouse moved by remote user.
#494. Added options to turn off Windows effects (like full window dragging) which significantly reduces traffic.
#495. Added option to capture alpha-blended windows.
#496. Session history is preserved, including name and address of remote user, connection time and duration and traffic. Session history can be stored or exported to the external file for processing (e.g. for billing purposes).
#497. Improvements in performance and UI for all subsystems, including chat, desktop viewer and file explorer.
March 15, 2005 version # 1.2
#296. Added Look & Feel customization to RemoteHost, using RemoteHost.cfg file.
#297. Customization & localization of messages using RemoteHost.cfg file.
#298. Port aliases added to RemoteHost (specified in RemoteHost.cfg file, [Ports] section).